Complex International Children Issues

This law firm has spent a considerable time in saving children internationally from corrupt or an emotionally unstable adult which on occasion involves trafficking and domestic violence issues.  The following are examples of international child abduction, black-market adoption and kidnapping cases handled by this firm:

  • Black Market Adoption – An unethical U.S. adoption agency fraudulently obtained written adoption consents from a Republic of Marshall Island’s mother who did not read, write, or speak the English language.   The child was taken under the guise of lawful authority.   The adoption attempts were defeated and the child was returned to the mother.
  • Child Abduction – A German mother married to a U.S. soldier, living in Germany and had two children.  Upon discharge the family moved to the U.S.  The father wrongfully accused the non-English speaking mother of child abuse, and forcing her to return to Germany without the children.  Initial counsel for the mother lost in the trial court.  The case was reversed on appeal and the children were returned to their mother in Germany.
  • Child Abduction – A non-English speaking Czech Republic mother was subjected to a fraudulent U.S. child custody court order which allowed the father to take the child from her and remove the child to the U.S.   The fraudulent orders were voided and the child was returned to the mother in the Czech Republic.
  • Child Abduction – An unmarried couple had a child in the U.S.  The father was a U.S. citizen and the mother was a Canadian citizen.  The mother fled with the child to Canada and ignored the father.  The father pursued the child in the Canadian courts.  The child was returned to the U.S.
  • Child Abduction – A Belfast, Ireland mother’s children were taken at age 4 and 7.  They remained missing for 11 years but discovered in the U.S.  After a trial the children were returned to their mother.
  • Child Abduction – U.S. mother pursued her child taken by the Jordanian father.  The father was located in transit in England and recovered by London authorities after receiving an order from the High Court of London, and returned to the U.S. with the mother after trial.
  • Child Abduction – The children of a Nigerian mother residing in England were taken by their strict wealthy and penal traditional father to Nigeria to reside in a strict Islamist multi spouse family with multiple children.  The father was discovered subsequently traveling with the children in the U.S. and were seized.  A U.S. court returned the children to their mother.  Later a trial in London awarded the children to the mother.
  • Child Abduction – A Bahamian father fled with the child to the Bahamas; diplomatic and judicial problems ensued in the Bahamas blocking the mother.
  • Child Abduction – A Cuban/Florida resident mother fled with the child to Cuba after engaging in theft in the U.S.  In cooperation with the U.S. and Cuban government Mr. Berry traveled to Cuba repeatedly and negotiated the return of all concerned.  Referred to as the Reverse Elian Gonzalez case (2000).

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